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  What a delightful website! There's a longish rolling story about a woman bouncing from urban to rural America. There are some articles about sundry things, plenty of good pictures and a little poetry. Not too much, promise.

  Come sit on the stoop a while. Or porch, really just about the same. A new literature for the coming computer age. Some fiction, some non-fiction and some pictures and things like that. We do like pictures. No ads though. No accounting for taste I guess. Oh great, more NYCcentric literature and opinion. Haven't we had enough? Guess not. Here's some more. Pictures and poetry too, for those with strong constitutions.

  My objective here is to write the shortest possible description of the content contained in this here website. Rats. Well, grrrr, fiction, articles, visual art, minimal poetry etc. Mostly about New York. There, can I go now? Brevity. Laconic. Consicion. See, I can't even spell it. Literature and pictures for the video age. Folks should read more. We're here to help. There, done.  

  Salon, a hall used for the exhibition of works of art or the exhibition itself. Well I can dream can't I?!! NY stories and blather, lots of it. Some pictures. Nice pictures.