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Basketball Story

Alone but not lonesome, a child shoots hoops under a full and cloudless moon. An old utility pole supports a plywood backboard covered by a repurposed piece of aluminum siding. The ball makes a painful percussive sound every time it hits the board.

Basketball Court

A Dark and Crimson Alley

You might not believe, if looking down at NYC from a bridge or a tower or a postcard, that there was a complex and extensive system of tunnels compromising the integrity of all that stands in sunshine above.


Talking Goose

They had been sitting in the sun but she soon opted for a shady spot

and so they moved to the table under the awning attached to a sleeping carousel.

Spooky Forest

The Distant Mirror

         Again, death  filled  the sacred shrines 

                          with lifeless bodies, 

          all the temples of the heavenly ones 


                       crowded with carcasses 

religion of the gods was not counted for much:

the grief of the moment overwhelmed it all. 

Nor did the old rites of burial continue in the city,

                          Horrors of burial.  

   the whole people was disordered and in panic,       every man sorrowing buried his dead,

                                laid out as best he could

Rocks of Balance
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