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Ianna Ikma

Photo Gallery


              Clever wears thin. And soon. Substance endures. Depth

       endures. Clever is an aggregate of intelligence but clever is not

       synonymous with wisdom. Commonly, wisdom takes most of a

       lifetime. Pity that.

              To our mystery photographer; I shall call this person,

       Ianna Ikma. Or, maybe Ian Ikma. I have pledged (on request)

       that I would not reveal the actual name of the person. Of course

       you say Ian Ikma is not even almost clever. Guilty as charged.

              Funny thing about photography; we see it around us

       everywhere and constantly. It is ubiquitous.

              Now everything we see, every image could be

       interpreted as information. Both the image captured and the

       image not. Here is a car. Know the car. Imagine yourself in

       that car or at that table or on that beach.

              But when the technical prowess of photography is put

       to the eye of a creative, wise and slightly predatory soul,

       something radiant happens. Something indelible.

              Doesn’t happen often but when it does, like the image

       before you, STOP. Stop what you’re doing. Stop what you’re

       thinking. One way or another, we are all incarcerated by time.

              In the stilled images found by the maker of Art, we might

       enjoy a moment of life freed from the tyranny of time.

                               A toast to the life of the mind,

                                            only It endures.

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