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Robin Amy Bass


I have been a Yankee fan since I was a kid

Even though I was a girl, this is what I did

I stood next to Richard King for I was no coward

And when I heard my Dad yell “cheese”,

I posed with Elston Howard.


I have been a Yankee fan since I was nine or ten.

All the boys in my fifth grade tried to be my friend,

When they heard where I had been – what I’d gone and done

And I still have living proof – I posed with 61.


I stood next to Richard King, and his brother too

I remember Harvey Green said “I WISH I WAS YOU”

‘Cause you went to Grossinger’s while I got stuck in Paris

And you had your picture snapped with Elston and Roger Maris.


I have got an autograph in a tattered book

Whitey Ford has signed his name next to Ellen Cook

Ellen was my new best friend, so her name went first.

If I still remember straight, I think Whitey cursed.


But Roger smiled and Elston laughed, and brushed away a curl,

When I asked if they liked to play in a house built by a girl.

I have been a Yankee Fan, though Kofax was a Dodger

People thought I was naïve, but my heart belonged to Roger


Pin Stripes are a cut above, and worn by just a few

I have been a Yankee Fan since I saw white and blue.

I remained a Yankee fan, even when I knew

That Queens had a new baseball team, and Kofax was a Jew’


The Yankees stole my heart away, before I was eleven.

Mickey Mantle looked so cute, I chose the number seven

When some guy from the money store said I could win a bat

If I could guess the RBI’s and other stuff like that.


Well numbers never were my thing, and I did not guess right

But I am still a Yankee Fan, ‘cause Whitey saw my plight

And said, your name is Robin, dear? I think I signed your book

You gave me such a pretty page, right next to Ellen Cook.


And since you gave me second page – I’ll give you second prize

Well all my friends began to clap, as I began to rise

‘Cause Roger Maris came behind and lifted me above

And then some guy yelled HOLY COW and handed me a glove.


I have been a Yankee Fan before I was a teen.

I have been a Yankee Fan when Steinbrenner was mean.

When I flew to see my Dad I wore a Yankee Cap

And all of Arizona knew we don’t take any crap.


I have been a Yankee Fan, since I learned how to curse.

And when I watch them play tonight, the Sox will need a Hearse

‘Cause I have been a Yankee Fan, from birth to 52.

My favorite colors then and now are only white and blue.


I have been a Yankee fan before it was in fashion.

I don’t like my men laid back – I like my guys with passion.

I was born a Yankee Fan and I will die one too.

My coffin can be big or small, but paint it white and blue


Pin stripes on my headstone please

And should I get to heaven, I’ll find myself a real good seat

And look for number seven.


And should there be some grave mistake, and all I see are Sox,

I’ll simply take my Yankee glove and crawl back in my box

And wait until the fires die and summer turns to fall

And playoff time is here again and Whitey yells “PLAY BALL”



Robin Amy Bass has been a Yankee Fan since 1962.

In that year, following the great year of “61 in 61”, while

on her way to ice skating at the now shuttered Grossinger's

Catskill resort, at her father's (Dr. Bass) prompting, she did

reluctantly pose for the two photos seen above. One with

Elston Howard- a great Yankee catcher and the other with

Maris – the player who had broken Ruth's home run record.

61 in 61. Possibly an off-season promotional junket brought

them to our “Alps”.

Though the achievements of these men were in that

moment, unknown to Robin Amy Bass, the photos

bestowed instant and over-whelming popularity with the

boys of the fifth grade. Thus, her enduring devotion to the

Bombers as evidenced by the image of RAB in the present,

at the present Yankee stadium.

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