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Art House

A little more than two long blocks from my home is the market where I do most of my shopping, sometimes twice a week. Half the distance there is an Art school. Painting, illustration, design and such things are their stock and trade. Closer to the start of I approached a number of students to engage them in my project. I must have appeared like a crooked old witch inviting them into my cottage for limitless candy. I even put a notice on the bulletin board by the elevator there, but no doubt having read Hansel & Gretel, none of those children came close.

Then one evening after giving up on this Art school, there was a guy sitting on a sidewalk bench in front of the school. Before this guy on the bench and I exchanged one word I knew he was the one. I tendered an introductory hello and he invited me to sit. It happened just like that.

In not too much time, we set off down a Dark and Crimson Alley and completed that piece in comfortable measured intervals. I love the work he produced for Alley, particularly the two paintings.

He also created illustrations for “Guide to New York,” however those are in print and not seen on the site. If you would like a copy, get in touch. For what it’s worth, they are signed.

Now he is engaged in a project of his own. The subject of that suite is horses. The samples we show you here are from that group. I think they are brilliant. Someone close to me described them as “full of life and motion.”


I am most fortunate to have made his acquaintance. I imagine some gratitude should be directed at cosmic forces. There, I said it. My best advice to myself here is to quit this page now and think of something new to engage him.

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