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      So, about that “opera” I wrote about back in the old year, it happened. Two nights, both performances full, and the work was well received. That was 10 or 15 years coming, not so bad. And we are still in the foothills. Opera is a very tough racket, ya shouldn’t know from it, oye!

      The bulletin before this one (Sept ’22) will tell you a bunch about it. Comes in at about an hour and a little. There are pieces, about 20 minutes’ worth, that are not contained here. Bet yer hot patootie they will be in the next one. It is many steps to the top.

      I hope you are enjoying the “Basketball Story” A little switcheroo. That will be complete soon enough. Presently, there are about 15 short chapters. When I watch basketball now, I can imagine I’m watching with my Father. Is that too romantic?

      And how’s about Slicky’s horses? I think them to be excellent!!


                                                             Don’t hesitate

                                                                         to opine…

                                                                    We’re sittin’ on

                                                                       the porch,

                                                                    the stoop,

                                                                 the fire escape

                                                      Close to the ol’ folksizhome


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