Debt. Debt is the thing most sited to be insufficiently represented

      on the list of things that make us nuts in the “Nation” article. I confess 

      the failure to recognize debt as the pitch fork poking demon that it is for

      many Folks is a subjective oversight on my part. Okay.

                                We once indulged

                                      the Vice of debt

                                 But now We don't no mo'

              I wrote in the article “Scrapes”, a while back, that electronic 

      billboards were replacing paper billboards thus eliminating the

       possibility of organic real Art. I find lately one of the sequential 

      offering of this highly evolved medium is this kind of board approved 

      poetry and some of it might be alright however I read 3 or 4 lines and

      then the screen changes to an ad about something I must have or do to

      be a content, secure and upwardly mobile person.

               Now c'mon you poets, get with it. Learn to write poetry like 

       advertising copy or be swallowed whole by the great snake of 

       efficiency. You(s) have been warned !

               We welcome JJ Pinckney to the stoop, the porch, the crew.

       I found him and find him a charged painter and creator. Good Luck to

       Us. I hope you enjoy him as do we.

               The Folks in Ardensville are breaking the surface like Crocus in

      springtime now.  And away we go.........


                                                                                 Believe that


Absurd. Even the word is sorta absurd. Absurd. 

             I embrace absurd. Don't condescend or dismiss it. How could I?

    For I, am just that. I am absurd, an absurd person. 'Magine that, hm, m, m.

             Some of you may have noticed, the cover page – nowadadaze

   sensibly referred to as “home”, has been altered. Though Robin's image

   of Celia and Petra holding an Ardensville banner, - now something like 

   a brand name and a fine one at that- still appears, now, upon coming to 

   the site one is confronted by a hippopotamus in a tutu considering the

   Empire State Building. Hmmm, I always consider that spire when I see it.


             Make no mistake: this is a photograph. A photograph. This sight,

    the moment, this reality, now preserved in golden amber – happened.

    Bet on it.

              Shall you dismiss it and stamp “absurd”? You may do that.

                  Please, feel free. Stamp it, be my guest. 

                                               Then, turn that stamp 

                                                        upon yourself for 

                                                              We are all  absurd.

               Bulletin to myself....;

     The responses (all positive) to “Talking Goose” and “Nation of Geniuses”, 

     have been, to me, remarkable. So many interpretations. Yesterday, a very

     nice woman told me “Nation” was the truth. It just don't get better'n that.

              Ardensville is rolling now. There are such things as wondrous

     places. Places out of time and beyond reason. Places absurd. Bet on it. 


                                         And the crooked places shall be made straight,

                                                                Folks from Ardensville,

                                                                                     Get in touch,

  1/22//2020                                                                            Stay in touch.