This shall be brief. Folks went up February 2019

when the “dark times” was still a year away. Now, 2 of

the 3 original creators have left the cave. They were

and are great and I am grateful to them.

              Robin and Juan, thank you, ever so.

       Now, there are a few of us again;

The finger painting guy is on-board here now and I add,

resurrected into the respectable offices of business and


       I know, unbelievable! One might find it quite

believable were you witness to his substantial and

indelible intellect. I am fortunate to know him and to

now be associated with him.

       Most of the others prefer to stay out of sight, and

I shall not violate that request. They are each precious.

       There is a family member of my own doing the

artwork on Beyababa. E.M., we call her Nora, like

in “A Doll’s House.” She is supremely talented in the

broadest sense and definition of the word. Talent.

       Should any of you Folks out there have something   

to contribute in here, know you are welcome. As we

frown upon political churl here (haven’t we all had 

enough), please no politics. And nothing too racy, we 

don’t want the censors coming around.

                                        You get in touch now, hear!!

       That’s it. The hits keep coming. Nothing gets easier.

              Struggle – Toil – Survive

                            Wake up and do it again.

                                          Sounds ABOUT right?

                                                 Porch or Stoop

                                                      Come on in,